Waste Disposal

See our new website devoted to recycling and waste disposal options at ottumwarecycles.com

Curbside Trash and Recycling Collection

Residents of Ottumwa have weekly curbside trash and recycling collection.    Every week, each household can dispose of one 65-gallon cart full of trash, an unlimited amount of recyclables, one bulky item or appliance per week and yard waste collection (April-November).  See More

Recycling Center

Our Recycling Center processes all of the materials that are collected through curbside recycling collection in Wapello and Davis Counties. They accept a number of materials for drop off and operate the area’s regional collection center for household hazardous wastes.   See More


We operate a modern landfill, designed top to bottom to protect the environment from contamination in compliance with state and federal law. Our landfill has plenty of space to meet Wapello and Davis Counties disposal needs well into the 21st century. Our landfill’s life has been is being extended though waste diversion programs like household recycling and the ban on commercially generated cardboard.      See More

Household Hazardous Waste Disposal

Products that are corrosive, toxic, flammable or reactive are considered hazardous by the EPA. Improper use, storage and/or handling of these products can result in dangerous outcomes. The Recycling Center accepts some household hazardous materials such as used motor oil and antifreeze. For other hazardous items that are also accepted at the Recycling Center please call. For disposal of other household hazardous materials or for more information on household hazardous materials, read the product label or contact the Recycling Center for a copy of the new Household Hazardous Materials Alternatives Handbook.   See More


Yard Waste Disposal Options

Back in the early 1990s. the State of Iowa banned yard waste from landfills. It is illegal to put leaves, sticks, grass clippings or other yard wastes in your garbage. We have a seasonal (April 1st through November 30th) curbside collection service for baggable wastes like leaves and for brush and branches under three inches in diameter. You can also self haul yard wastes to the Landfill.    See More

How Do I Dispose Of It?

Everyday we get questions about how best to dispose of something. Can it be recycled, or just go to the landfill? Check out our master list of the most commonly disposed of items, and how best to get rid of them.
See the List


How we manage waste today has an impact on future generations. As a society we are striving to use less and recycle more. More and more materials, that not too long ago were simply discarded, are being reclaimed and remade. How we handle what we dispose of effects our community's air quality, water quality and other natural resources.

Environmental Policy Statement
The Ottumwa/Wapello County Solid Waste Commission is committed to continual environmental stewardship by implementing and maintaining an Environmental Management System. We will demonstrate our commitment to this policy through:
  • Prevention of Pollution – We will prevent or minimize pollution in all areas of our operations, wherever feasible.
  • Evaluation-We will establish, implement, measure and report objectives and targets annually.
  • Regulatory compliance – We will meet or exceed applicable environmental laws and regulations.
  • Continual Improvement – We will study and identify alternative solid waste management methods, customer needs, and provide for the implementation of services to fill identified voids. Encourage informed sustainable waste reduction and resource conservation alternatives to landfilling
Adopted by Ottumwa/Wapello County Solid Waste Commission May 15, 2013.