The Ottumwa Board of Cemetery Trustees operates Ottumwa Cemetery, Calvary Cemetery & the Ottumwa Jewish Cemetery.

Lot Sales Please call the office at (641) 683-0687 to schedule an appointment to discuss the purchase of a lot or columbarium space. Staff will have available suitable plats showing size, price and location of lots.  We accept electronic transactions.

Finding Loved Ones Finding the gravesite of a loved one can sometimes be frustrating.  Visual landmarks like trees are always changing and can make a special visit turn into a wild goose chase. Cemetery visitors are welcomed at the office to help locate the graves of their ancestors. Please stop in and we will assist you.

Bi-Annual Clean Up Our Cemetery’s are cleaned of decorations twice a year.  The spring clean up generally begins the first week of March.  New memorials are allowed to be placed after April 1st. The fall clean up usually begins the first week in October.  Following this, winter memorials may be placed after November 1st.  Families that wish to keep any tributes or memorial decorations need to remove those items from the cemetery prior to the seasonal date.  If a shepard’s crook is used to hang an arrangement, families may leave the shepard’s crook, but please remove the arrangement.  Cemetery personnel will remove all floral tributes, decorations and wreaths remaining after that date.

Memorial Day Weekend Memorial Day is a special time for families to visit and honor their departed loved ones. Cemetery Staff have a special welcoming tent at Ottumwa Cemetery and are on hand to help visitors locate graves and provide assistance to cemetery visitors.  If you have a question about locating a grave in the Ottumwa, Calvary or Jewish Cemetery, please ask.



We are not associated with Shaul Cemetery or Memorial Lawns Cemetery.

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The Cemetery Office is located
at the Ottumwa Cemetery:
1302 N. Court Street
Ottumwa, IA 52501
Office Hours:
10AM to 3PM - Mon through Fri.
Telephone (641) 683-0687

A good portion of our
historic records are online
the Iowa Geneology
Web Project at

The Ottumwa Cemetery District is on the National Register of Historic Places. national register plaque 1