Trees on Right-of-Way

As part of construction, it is often necessary to dig up the part of your yard next to the street known as the right of way.  Once the work is complete, the dirt will be backfilled, generally leveled and grass seed will be sown.   Many  property owners take the time to rake and level the dirt and sow their choice of grass seed.   In any case, the success of any seeding is lies in keeping grass seed bed moist to enhance germination and continuing to water lightly until new grass is two inches high.   Please be aware, if you have trees or shrubs growing in the right-of-way, they may be removed as well. The City does not replace trees, shrubs or landscaping features removed from the right-of-way.



If you have a tree you are concerned about, please contact the City Engineering Office at 641-683-0680 . Our office is typically open 7AM to 3:30 PM, Monday through Friday.