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Asphalt is a material commonly used for patching road surfaces and parking lots. The asphalt acts as a binder and is mixed with a fine gravel aggregate, then laid down and compacted. The compaction is what helps to set asphalt.  We use different types of patching techniques, depending on the season and size of hole:

· Injection Patching uses a specialized truck equipped with a nozzle. An operator aims the nozzle at the pothole, a blast of air cleans the hole and the patch begins. The equipment blows in a mix of asphalt and fine gravel to fill the hole.  We can use this technology in a wider degree of temperatures and conditions.

· Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) – In the warmer months, we use Hot Mix Asphalt. As its name implies, it comes from the asphalt plant hot (over 300 degrees!) and requires a clean, dry base for application. Use of HMA is restricted to the warmer months because in winter the compacted base will cool the asphalt too much before it can be compacted.

Hand Patching, commonly called ‘throw-and-go’ is a patching technique where the patching mix is shoveled into the hole and the truck rolls over the patch to compact the mix.

For larger repairs, we often do a partial or full depth patch. In this method, the hole is squared; the uneven edges are cut with a pavement saw making the hole into a square or rectangular shape. For a full depth patch, a sub-base of gravel is added. The patching mix is applied and the area is compacted with a roller. This provides a tight and long lasting patch.

* Potholes, ruts and other issues on the highways through Ottumwa are cared for by the Iowa Department of Transportation.    You can report issues on those roads to the local IDOT office at 641-684-8231.

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