Improved Trails

Ottumwa has a growing improved trail network based along the levee system on the Des Moines River. These paved trails are perfect for walking, running and biking. They offer a unique four-season vantage point over the ever-changing river.

We have paved trails along the south levee spanning from Quincy Ave., near Applebees all the way east to the City Limits near Rabbit Run Road. North levee trails extend from the Gray Eagle Nature Preserve west to the Market Street Bridge with an additional paved section further west starting under the highway bridge. A connecting trail has been established running from the Wabash Bridge south to Madison Ave. and heading south around the John Deere Plant.
Construction of Ottumwa’s Trails are funded by grants and donations, through the hard work and dedication of the volunteers of the Wapello County Trails Commission.

Mountain Biking

Memorial Park features a Mountain Bike Trail.  Volunteer built using International Mountain Bicycling Association standards, these unpaved trails wind though the wooded sections of the park and is intended to be a challenging off-road experience.   The main trailhead is located at the timbers edge under the Bulldog Water Tower off Elm Street.

The Mountain Bike Trail is also open to hikers.


Recent Trail Projects

Highway 34 Underpass – This project connects the south levee section to a 346 acre park, Greater Ottumwa Park, via an underpass under Highway 34, a four-lane highway with a 45 mph speed limit. Construction was completed in October 2015.

Market Street Bridge – The Trails Council helped fund an eight foot wide walkway to be part of the reconstructed Market Street Bridge.   This important passage connects the north and south sides of Ottumwa over the Des Moines River and will be compatible with the trails that cross on both ends of the bridge.  




Mountain Bike Trailhead