Weekly Trash Collection Reminders

Ottumwa Trash and Recycling Customers are reminded that their weekly curbside collection allows for a maximum of one appliance or bulky item (like furniture) per week. Once the item is placed on the curb for collection, you must call Bridge City Sanitation at 682-1700 to schedule an pick-up.

Appliances that require a $5 pink disposal tag include: dishwashers, washers/dryers, refrigerators/freezers, ovens/stoves/ranges, microwaves, dehumidifiers, furnaces, air conditioners trash compactors, ice machines, water coolers, water softeners, water heaters, commercial appliances, and large medical devices. Appliance stickers are purchased at local grocery stores. The $5 appliance disposal fee helps pay for the cost of removing and properly disposing of hazardous components like PCBs, mercury and refrigerants.

Ottumwa’s curbside trash and recycling program is intended to provide disposal of the average household’s typical weekly waste stream, including household trash, recyclable materials, light yard waste and the occasional large, bulky item like an appliance or furniture.

The curbside collection program is not intended for cleaning out a whole house or garage, construction/demolition debris, business waste or debris from a complete tree removal. Dumping materials on the curb, in excess of what is allowed by the weekly collection program, creates a public nuisance and is unlawful in Ottumwa. Residents who place waste on the curb in excess of the program’s intent may be subject to citations and fines.