Video Streaming of Council Meetings

Ottumwa City Council meetings are now streamed on the internet.    The stream allows the public to watch their local government in action on computers and mobile devices, anywhere there is an internet connection.   The meetings are also televised live on GOTV – Mediacom Cable Channel 6 in Ottumwa.

Viewers wishing to watch the live stream of the Council Meeting should go to the “City Council Meetings – Video” page on this website.

City Council meetings are streamed as they occur.    Once the stream of the Council Meeting is complete, the video is archived online on YouTube. A link is provided on the “City Council Meetings – Video” page on the City’s website.   The most recent Council Meeting video will remain visible on the page, until the next meeting begins.

City of Ottumwa Public Information Officer Tom Rodgers said, “The community has shown a real interest in our televised meetings for a number of years. With live streaming, the City is bringing those meetings to a much wider audience. Many people prefer to watch City Council meetings rather than attend in person; it’s just more convenient. This will be a good way to keep up to date on what our government is doing.”