Dog Licenses

Licensing is required for any dog over the age of four months in the City of Ottumwa, unless the dog is kept in a kennel licensed by the State of Iowa for breeding and sale purposes.  The license fee is $5 per spayed/neutered dog and $15 per unspayed/unneutered dog through January 31. On February 1 of each year, licenses from the previous year become delinquent and the fee increases to $10 per spayed/neutered dog and $20 per unspayed/unneutered dog.

The owner must present a current certificate signed by a licensed veterinarian showing the dog has been vaccinated against rabies.

 City dog licenses are available at the Ottumwa City Clerk’s Office – first floor of City Hall, 105 E Third Street or at the Ottumwa Police Department Records Desk – first floor of the Joint Law Center,   330 W. 2nd Street

OR from:
Animal Clinic – Southside — 301 Richmond Avenue
Eastview Animal Clinic – 11596 Bladensburg Road
Heartland Humane Society – 314 Fox Sauk Road
Pipestone Veterinary Services – 2830 N. Court Street
Thomas Veterinary Clinic – 17591 Highway 34
(A $2.00 administration fee is charged for licenses sold through the veterinary offices.)

See the full code section for all the requirements and restrictions.



dog licenses

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