City Projects

Current & Upcoming Projects

Jefferson Street Viaduct Repairs Project – 2017:   Project consists of repair of deteriorated concrete, replacement of bridge expansion joints, spot repairs and painting of existing structural steel on the Jefferson Street Bridge.

E. Main Street Reconstruction:   Major construction is planned for E. Main Street, from Jefferson to Vine Street.   Tentatively scheduled for 2017.

Beach Ottumwa Improvements:   Underway over the winter.   Construction is expected to be complete in time for the 2017 summer season. Work will include concrete repairs to the Kiddie Pool and the Slide Catch Pool, repairs to four slides and the slide tower, parking lot asphalt pavement repairs and general building repairs.

North Court Street Reconstruction Project: Complete  Full- depth, full- width concrete reconstruction of N. Court Street from Albany to Maple Street.

Ferry & Hamilton Street Reconstruction Project:   Complete  Full-width, concrete pavement reconstruction of Ferry Street between Chester and Finley Avenues and Hamilton Street from Osceola Street west to the cul-de-sac.

2010 Flood Protection & Mitigation Project:  Work ongoing!   A major, multi-year project to address a number of flooding concerns.   It includes increased stormwater handling capacity through improved drainage sewers though Ottumwa’s west side and a new pump station on Gateway Drive.  Also, construction of a flood protection wall around the Ottumwa Water and Hydro plant.

Harrow’ s Branch & Memorial Park Water Quality Project:   Construction of two extended detention dry basins in the Harrow’s Branch watershed and 6 basins in Memorial Park.  The purpose of the project is to improve water quality for the Harrow’s Branch and Memorial Park watersheds.  Major construction on the basins is expected to be complete by late spring 2016.    The detention dry basins help manage excess stormwater runoff.  They normally sit empty or ‘dry.’  They fill and hold large flows of stormwater. Discharge of the water occurs at a slow rate over hours, or even days, slowing storm surge and reducing downstream erosion. The detention dry basins are part of the City’s Best Management Practices for stormwater management under the guidelines of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES.)

Jefferson Park Drainage Ditch Restoration Project:  Complete   Restoration of the bottom and side slopes of the Jefferson Park Drainage Ditch from Webster Street East to the City Limits, total distance of 8, 300 feet.  The flow line of the ditch will be restored to the center of the template, eroded areas will be repaired, and shoaled areas will be cleaned out.

Iowa Avenue Reconstruction Project – Phase 4:    Complete  Iowa Ave from E. Main, south to Railroad Street.   This will be the final stretch of work on the $2.6 million reconstruction of Iowa Avenue from Highway 34 to Main Street. Work on the first three phases was completed in 2015. Major funding for this project includes $460,000 from the Local Option Sales Tax and a $ 1.1 million RISE Grant through the Iowa Department of Transportation.

Market Street Bridge Deck Replacement Project:  Major construction completed in 2015.    Finish work in 2016/17  includes seal & painting.

Lake Drive Stormwater Drainage:   Complete      Culvert replacement at corner of Lake Drive and Greenwood Drive.



Projects in the Works – 2018 and beyond!

Roundabout Intersections:   The City is pursuing grant funding for traffic improvements to two intersections in Ottumwa. The intersections being looked at are at Ferry/Richmond and  Albia Road/Ferry Street.   These projects are tentative, depending on successfully obtaining grant funding.    Learn more about the proposed roundabout intersections.

Quiet Zone Project:     Ottumwa is working to establish a railroad quiet zone through the heart of the community. Quiet zones are sections of rail line where the usual rules for sounding of train horns are relaxed due to increased safety elements at railroad crossings.  Reducing the amount of noise from the many trains that travel through town everyday is one component of a greater revitalization effort for Ottumwa.    There are seven at-grade rail crossings along the Burlington Northern/Santa Fe Railway mainline. By making traffic safety improvements at the railroad crossings at Iowa Avenue, Vine Street, Green Street, Market Street, Kitterman Avenue, McLean Street and Clay Street, Ottumwa can qualify for a quiet zone designation.   These improvements generally consist of the addition of a centerline median on the street to prevent auto drivers from crossing lanes to go around a railroad crossing barrier.