Planning & Development

Welcome to the City of Ottumwa Planning and Development Department. We work to help Ottumwa grow! With partners like: other city departments, governmental bodies, developers, and the private sector our goal is to encourage economic development and growth of the city. Our main areas of responsibility are Planning and Zoning, Housing Rehabilitation Programs and Historic Preservation.


Planning and Zoning

The city Planning and Zoning staff develops plans for the future development of the community and administers development regulations, which ensure that the use and development of land meet community standards. See More.

Housing Programs & Incentives

Ottumwa offers a tax abatement on qualifying home improvements city-wide.   See More.

Development Assistance

Want to build a new business or expand an existing business in Ottumwa?   Please contact us for incentives and assistance programs. See More.

Brownfields Program

Brownfield sites exist in a town’s industrial section, on locations with abandoned factories or commercial buildings, or other previously polluting operations. Often contaminated or potentially contaminated brownfield sites sit unused for decades because the cost of cleaning them to safe standards is more than the land would be worth after redevelopment. Our goal is to identify sites and work toward clean up in order restore them to practical uses. See More.

Historic Preservation Commission

Ottumwa’s Historic Preservation Commission’s works to highlight our community’s unique heritage through the identification of historic properties potentially eligible for listing on the National Register and assisting property owners in getting their historic properties and neighborhoods listed. Ottumwa has a number of properties and districts listed on the National Register.


Documents, Applications and Forms

Click here for our one-stop-shop for documents and program applications.