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27 Apr Private Sewer Information

There are areas within the Ottumwa City Limits where multiple households are served by a private, common sewer line that may extend some distance before connecting with a public sewer. Private sewers are the responsibility of the property owners and

19 Apr GOTV on Mediacom Digital 97.2

Where is GOTV – Government Ottumwa Television 6?    If you turn on Mediacom Cable Channel 6 and GOTV is not there; try punching up to digital channel 97.2. GOTV is the City of Ottumwa’s 24-hour government access cable channel.

06 Nov Quiet Zone Work Underway

The City of Ottumwa is working to establish a railroad quiet zone through the heart of the community. Quiet zones are sections of rail line where the usual requirements for sounding of locomotive horns are relaxed due to increased safety elements at

18 Jun Urban Chickens and Rabbits

The Ottumwa Municipal Code allows residents to legally keep rabbits and chickens within the city limits of Ottumwa under a permit issued by the Ottumwa Police Department.     Persons wishing to keep chickens and rabbits must meet certain requirements

09 Mar Yard Parking Code In Effect

The Ottumwa City Council recently approved a revision to the Nuisance Code (Ottumwa Municipal Code, Chapter 24) relating to parking vehicles in the front yard in residential areas. Parking of motor vehicles and trailers in the front yard portion of a

22 Aug Video Streaming of Council Meetings

Ottumwa City Council meetings are now streamed on the internet.    The stream allows the public to watch their local government in action on computers and mobile devices, anywhere there is an internet connection.   The meetings are also televised liv